Electroacoustic enterprises produce masks, live broadcast equipment "explodes red overnight", melt-blown cloth machine independently developed

Electroacoustic enterprises produce masks, live broadcast equipment "explodes red overnight", melt-blown cloth machine independently developed

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[Descripción resumida]Mainly produces and sells three layers protective masks and KN95 products

Electroacoustic enterprises produce masks, live broadcast equipment "explodes red overnight", melt-blown cloth machine independently developed

[Descripción resumida]Mainly produces and sells three layers protective masks and KN95 products

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On February 20th, a mask production line was introduced to successfully solve the need for reinstatement and reinstatement of anti-epidemic masks; in early April, two new one-for-two flat mask machines and three KN95 mask machines were added to produce nearly 500,000 masks per day, of which 10 Ten thousand are KN95 masks; in mid-April, through the foreign trade export application, the first batch of masks was exported; in early May, two new melt-blown cloth production lines were added, and a sodium chloride particulate filter efficiency detector was added...

For Enping Dima Audio Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dima Audio) in the Enping Industrial Park, the months after the Spring Festival this year have been somewhat "magic": in just 3 months, Dima The stereo changed from a "outdoor man" produced by a mask to a qualified producer. Song Qiong, the company's general manager, did not expect that the company would one day have a relationship with mask production and even become one of the main businesses. While adding new production lines, Dima Audio explored to expand new sales channels and successively built its own sales channels on major international e-commerce platforms. "Under the guidance of Jiangmen and Enping governments, we have done a good job in applying for EU standard certification and strive to enter the Ministry of Commerce's "white list." Song Qiong said.

When the epidemic strikes, only by actively responding can we overcome the difficulties. Enping Industrial Park is the "integrator" of key enterprises in Enping. Enterprises are actively innovating and finding a way out. The Park Management Committee is also introducing various measures for warming and stabilizing the enterprise. At the same time, it "turns to defend" to plan new layouts. All parties are tied together to consolidate the war. The development of the joint force.

Text/Photo Jiangmen Daily reporter/Hu Weijie


From foreign trade to domestic sales, from professional to civil

Facing the epidemic situation, enterprises have new "tactics"

The outbreak of the epidemic is imminent for many Enping performing equipment companies whose products were mainly sold to overseas markets in the past. Dima Audio is not the only company in Enping actively transforming.

In the research room of Enping City Pasco Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Pasco), a new batch of civilian microphones and audio products are under intense development and trial production. "According to the judgment of the current foreign epidemic situation, the overseas market will not recover until the end of this year. We must find ways to accelerate the transformation and upgrading." said Hu Yupeng, general manager of the company and executive vice president of the Enping Electro-acoustic Industry Association.

The performing arts equipment industry is one of the pillar industries of Enping City, and its products are mainly sold to overseas markets. In the context of the current global epidemic, it is one of the industries most affected. Enping enterprises facing the development of "cold winter period" under the "epidemic disease", the "survival desire" was completely stimulated.

Hu Yupeng told reporters that the performing arts equipment industry in Enping City has been mainly oriented to professional fields, and the sales market is also mainly concentrated in foreign countries. The epidemic has affected the performing arts equipment enterprises in Enping City and the order volume has been greatly reduced. In response to the impact of the epidemic, many industry companies have begun to turn their attention back to the domestic market, from professional equipment to civilian equipment.

In terms of product categories, Enping Performing Arts Equipment Company used to produce professional microphones, stereos, mixers and other products, serving large-scale performances and KTV systems, large conference systems, etc. Now it has turned to civilian products, such as home entertainment video, Microphones, mixers, etc. for webcasting. Secondly, sales channels and methods have also begun to change. From the original direct connection to foreign markets, they have begun to focus on building e-commerce sales platforms in the country. Some companies have even begun to try the new sales method of "live with the Internet".

In Hu Yupeng's view, the transfer of the performing arts equipment industry in Enping City from foreign trade to domestic sales and from professional to civilian use is an original development path. However, the situation in the foreign market has been stable before and has not become the mainstream of the industry. The epidemic has greatly accelerated the speed of transformation.

As a technological enterprise in the first echelon of the performing arts equipment industry in Enping City, even in the face of the situation of having to transform under the epidemic situation, Pasco has its own "arrogance" and ideas. "Transformation cannot be imitated blindly, or even directly apply the existing product design on the market, it must have its own core technology and industrial design." Hu Yupeng said. He told reporters that the company has been transforming since March and has made product research and development as its top priority, focusing on civilian products such as microphones and audio. "Product research and development requires a lot of time and money, and it is not a one-time thing. We The first batch of new products was launched on the market in June, and the response is not bad. A new round of product development is currently underway."


From epidemic prevention materials "outdoors" to professional producers

Enterprises seize the opportunity to walk on "two legs"

In the face of the epidemic, each enterprise has its own response. Different from the measures adopted by the Pas high-level enterprises to adjust the product direction and sales market, there are also a group of enterprises that are looking for "opportunities" in the "dangerous" period and find new ways to switch to masks and other epidemic prevention materials.

In the factory building on the first floor of Dima Audio, the machine sounds of “哭哧” and “哭哧” continue to sound, and a stack of white cloth-shaped products are formed. This is the core material for the production of masks-melt-blown cloth; an experiment next to the plant In the room, technicians are testing the filtering effect of meltblown cloth with sodium chloride particulate filter efficiency detector; in the factory building on the fourth floor, a stack of masks is popping out from the mask production machine, ready to be packaged and exported to foreign countries... It's hard to imagine that 3 months ago, Dima Audio was still an electro-acoustic enterprise mainly producing audio equipment.

The outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic has made masks and other epidemic prevention materials the most demanding commodities. On February 10th, Dima Audio resumed production and faced the problem of shortage of masks. To this end, Dima Audio newly registered a subsidiary, Guangdong Tuda Medical Devices Co., Ltd., and introduced a mask production line on February 20, hoping to achieve self-sufficiency for medical masks, which not only guarantees the production safety of enterprise employees , Can also serve customers, helping to smoothly resume production. With the launch of this mask production line, Dima Audio not only successfully solved the problem of shortage of epidemic prevention materials, but also donated a batch of masks to Enping Industrial Park in early March, and began to supply masks to some local pharmacies to serve epidemic prevention. Take control of the overall situation.

At the beginning of April, Dima Audio decided to expand the scale of mask production, and newly added two plane mask machines with one for two and three KN95 mask machines. So far, the company's mask production line has been expanded to six, with a daily production of nearly 500,000 masks, of which 100,000 are KN95 masks. At the same time, the company applied to the customs for foreign trade authority and actively explored overseas markets.

In mid-April, Dima Audio, which applied for export through foreign trade, successfully exported the first batch of masks. "Overseas markets have a huge demand for masks, and the supply of products is in short supply. Our six production lines have barely stopped since they were turned on, and the workers are also working in three shifts to ensure 24 hours of continuous production." Song Qiong said. From the first batch of masks exported in mid-April to the end of April, it took only half a month for Dima Audio to successfully recover the cost of purchasing equipment in the early stage.

At the beginning of May, Dima Audio added two new meltblown cloth production lines to extend the mask production chain; an additional sodium chloride particulate filter efficiency tester was added to allow enterprises to have their own testing laboratories and promote products towards standardization. The quality has improved by one grade. At the same time, Dima Audio began to build a dust-free workshop, apply for medical qualifications, and further extend the product range.

Dima Audio really takes mask production as one of the company's main businesses. Song Qiong believes that although the mask orders received by the company are not as hot as in the previous two months, they still maintain a certain amount.

"After this epidemic, the world’s attention to medical health is bound to increase greatly, and mask production is still promising. In the future, mask production will be a new main business of our company and our original audio Production runs in parallel, and'two legs' walk." Song Qiong said.


From the "supporting character" of the past to the "nova" of today

Live broadcast equipment has become a new growth point

If you want to make a hot word ranking for the first half of this year, the webcast is definitely on the list. Webcasting is on the rise, and the demand for electro-acoustic equipment for livestreaming on the market has grown rapidly, and webcasting equipment has also caught on.

The order of Enping Huake Electroacoustic Equipment Factory has been arranged in August. "Affected by the epidemic, the network live broadcast equipment ushered in a round of outbreaks during this period. Our company's best selling is the condenser microphone and cantilever live broadcast bracket, with daily sales reaching 1,000 sets. Now, Enping electroacoustic enterprises are almost all Work overtime to produce this type of live broadcast equipment." The company's general manager Lei Yongke said.

Lei Yongke told reporters that at present, the most popular live broadcast equipment in the market are fill light, floor stand, multi-camera live broadcast stand, microphone sound card, condenser microphone and so on. In order to meet the market demand, Enping Huake Electroacoustic Equipment Factory keeps innovating and launching new products. For example, the microphone sound card and condenser microphone, which were sold separately, are integrated into an all-in-one machine, which is small, convenient and practical. "We must continue to innovate in response to market demand, otherwise it will be easily eliminated by the market." Lei Yongke said.

For the performing equipment industry in Enping City, live broadcast equipment products are not a new thing. From the small individual workshop in the early 1984 to the cluster industry chain of today's stars, Enping's performing equipment industry products have gradually diversified from a single microphone to power amplifiers, speakers, mixers, audio, conference systems, anchor equipment, etc. Product development has more than 600 electro-acoustic enterprises. Live broadcast equipment-related products are part of Enping’s performing equipment industry chain, but it has played a supporting role until now. The rapid rise of the current online live broadcast has made it popular overnight and become the most concerned “nova”.

"In recent years, Enping electroacoustic enterprises have taken performing arts equipment as their main products. For them, the profits of producing live broadcast equipment are not very high." Wu Hongyun, president of the Enping Electroacoustic Association, said. He told reporters that with the rise of webcasting, related live broadcast equipment has ushered in a new round of eruption. At present, about 20% of enterprises in the entire industry are producing related products, becoming a new growth point for the performing equipment industry. As the market demand continues to rise, the price of related live broadcast equipment has also risen. Wu Hongyun revealed that some live sound card equipment that originally sold more than 300 yuan in the industry have generally sold for 800-1000 yuan in recent months, and even better, they can be sold for more than 2000 yuan.

However, blindly chasing hot spots is not conducive to long-term development. The electroacoustic enterprises in Enping City saw this calmly. While actively adapting to the new demands of the market, they increased their research and development efforts and investment, and constantly introduced new ones.

Wu Hongyun's Xiandi Audio Company is currently commissioning a new remote conference system. This newly developed system takes into account both audio and video functions, can be integrated into a webcast module, and can also be used in remote conferences, distance education and other usage environments. It is expected to be put on the market this year. "At the same time, we are actively adapting to the new situation, promoting products through online live broadcasts, and broadening sales channels." Wu Hongyun said.

It is understood that the China (Enping) International Performing Equipment Exhibition will be held in Enping from October 20 to 22, and will invite customers to visit the exhibition, discuss and understand the factory on the spot, and pull orders for the enterprise. Seek development for the industry. It is worth mentioning that, unlike in the past, which mainly docked with foreign merchants, most of the merchants participating in this exhibition come from China, so as to vigorously explore the domestic market, develop new customers, and seek new business opportunities.


From warming and stabilizing enterprises to layout new industries

Successfully independently developed mask machine and melt blown cloth machine

Enterprises in the park are in action, and the Enping Industrial Park Management Committee is also in action.

While vigorously carrying out the work of warming and stabilizing the enterprise, the management committee of Enping Industrial Park “turned the guard into an attack”, took the initiative to innovate and seek change, and planned the layout of the new business form sprouting under the epidemic, and began to explore and layout the medical asset industry I hope to find a new way of development in the haze brought by the epidemic.

On the afternoon of April 30, Enping Industrial Park held a mask interpretation enterprise policy interpretation meeting on mask export policy, the latest customs supervision measures, tax preferential policies, technological transformation preferential support policies, mask technical specifications, quality supervision, medical mask production license The application process and other relevant policies and services were interpreted and guided to answer questions raised by representatives of participating companies.

At the same time, on the basis of sufficient investigation, the management committee of Enping Industrial Park actively guides local qualified enterprises to switch to masks. Baosuo Machinery, Jinming Machinery and other enterprises have joined. At the same time, coordinate the Enping Science, Industry and Commerce Bureau, Market Supervision Bureau and other departments to open green channels, improve the efficiency of approval, and accelerate the implementation of prevention and control of material expansion projects. According to statistics, as of May 21, there were 9 mask manufacturing enterprises in Enping Industrial Park.

Masks are only one part of the development of the medical asset industry. There is much to do here. In this regard, Enping Industrial Park has inherent advantages and huge potential for development, relying on the powerful mechanical equipment grouping project.

Enping Jinming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinming Machinery) took the lead in the effort. After resuming production on February 10, Jinming Machinery, whose main business is the production and production of various mechanical parts, has successively received many orders for the production of medical device parts, which provides an accelerator for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

Under the guidance of Enping Industrial Park, at the end of March, Jinming Machinery officially established a project and began to independently develop and produce mask machines. On March 29, it successfully produced the first self-designed mask machine production equipment (prototype). It took less than a month. After a round of intense debugging, on April 10, Jinming Machinery began mass production of mask machines.

At the beginning of May, Jinming Machinery took another step of transformation and upgrading, and began to set up a project to build a 100,000-level dust-free workshop. The workshop will be equipped with more than 100 mask machines and 2 automatic meltblown cloth production equipment independently developed and produced by the company, all of which will be put into production. After that, 2 million masks can be produced per day. In the middle and late May, the company successfully independently developed a fully automatic production equipment for meltblown cloth. Chen Weiqiang, executive deputy general manager of Jinming Machinery, told reporters that the company has invested nearly 70 million yuan in the conversion of medical and anti-epidemic assets.

At the other end of the park, an emerging landing project is under intense construction. Guangdong Confit Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. is a professional medical supplies company with a total planned investment of 100 million yuan. At present, the project's office building, comprehensive building and multiple production workshops have completed construction and interior and exterior decoration. Among them, workshop three has completed the construction of clean workshops and put into trial production. Currently, it can produce 300,000 ordinary masks, 500,000 N95 masks, and 3,000 pieces of protective clothing. It is expected that after the project is completed and put into production, the annual sales output value will be more than 150 million yuan, and the annual tax payment will be more than 7.5 million yuan.

Relevant person in charge of Enping Industrial Park said that the medical assets industry as a new format that broke out under the special situation of "epidemic" and is expected to become a new industrial growth point in the park in the future. In the next step, the management committee of Enping Industrial Park will further standardize the production of enterprises, strictly control the quality of products, and ensure that the products meet relevant technical standards and requirements. At the same time, it actively coordinated with relevant departments, strengthened services, ensured the implementation of policies, guided and assisted relevant production enterprises in making full use of their livelihood support policies, and supported the development of masks and other anti-epidemic materials production enterprises.

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